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TriVista Recruitment is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Ohio.  This location will serve as TriVista Recruitment’s new headquarters and is strategically located within the Rust Belt providing... Read More
Reference checks are done by 96% of organizations as a screening and selection tool, according to a recent survey by SHRM. Reference checks may be a standard in today’s hiring process but as we all know, there are... Read More
  COMPANY: $120M leading manufacturer of industrial equipment Private Equity owned Manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe, India, and China SEARCH:   Vice President & General Manager, China... Read More
  COMPANY: $100M manufacturer, importer and distributor of consumer products Recently acquired by Private Equity Group SEARCH:   Vice President, Operations Engagement began August 19th 2015 Position filled within... Read More
If you’ve been with your employer for a few years now and you’re satisfied, you are probably not spending a ton of time on LinkedIn or other job boards scoping out the current hiring environment. Even so, recruiters... Read More
In the past three decades, China has achieved unprecedented economic growth.  Foreign companies, known in China as Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs), have entered the country to capitalize on lucrative... Read More
  COMPANY: Manufacturer and Distributor of lighting products Private Equity owned Client was restructuring its China business into a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) SEARCH: General Manager, China Position based... Read More
The U.S. economy has bounced back and with it has brought a significant shift in the U.S. labor market from an employer-driven to a candidate-driven market.  Unemployment rates are currently the lowest they’ve been... Read More
The shift from an Employer-Driven to a Candidate-Driven labor market has significantly impacted employers, and will continue to impact them into the foreseeable future.  While candidates are as qualified as ever,... Read More
Transitioning from Employer-Driven to Candidate-Driven Market In the past year, a significant shift in the US labor market took place – a transition from an Employer-Driven to a Candidate-Driven market.  The... Read More
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