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If you haven’t worked with a professional recruitment firm you might have a few misconceptions about the kinds of positions they fill, or you may be wondering why a recruiter has contacted you considering your line of... Read More
Your business is growing quickly, so quickly in fact that you barely have time to eat breakfast or lunch. Finding experienced employees for your flourishing company is at the top of your list but it’s not panning out... Read More
Are you using the right strategy? LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, Career Builder… there are so many online platforms job seekers can utilize to promote themselves to potential hiring organizations.  It can be... Read More
Are you neglecting the value of face-to-face interaction? Recruiters are paid to save their client’s time, money, and frustration by placing the most eligible candidates in a timely manner.  Technology enables this... Read More
As China begins preparations to celebrate the passage on January 31 from the Year of the Snake to the Year of the Horse, we are reminded of how different the business culture in China can appear to western companies. ... Read More
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